Blox Fruits Scripts 100% Working 2022

The Blox Fruits Scripts are now available free of cost. The Script comes with very new features and enhances your gaming experience. Also, you can use multiple hacks for more features. Now copy the given script and past it into your game or you can use the app, Arceus X, for Android smartphones.

Blox Fruits Scripts

Copy and Paste Blox Fruits Scripts:




  • Big Hitboxes.
  • Fling enemies.
  • Sei-freeze enemies.
  • Clown enemies.


  • Level Autofarm.
  • Blox Fruit Automastery.
  • 1500 Frag for 100 candies.
  • 500 frag for 40 candies.
  • 2x EXP for 50 candies.
  • Stats refund for 50 candies.
  • Race reroll for 50 candies.
  • Destroy GUI.

Auto Stats:

  • Add Melee.
  • Add Defence.
  • Add Sword.
  • Add Gun.
  • Add Fruit.


  • Buse Autoequip.
  • Melee Autoequip.
  • Sword Autoequip.
  • Accessory Autoequib.
  • Teleport to a new world.
  • Free Fruit Notifier.

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