Is Kidega Not Working on Android Device? Fix All Issues

Is Kidega not working on your device? If you are facing some errors then we have some solutions for you. We have some tricks that can help you to come out of this problem. We have identified some common issues that mainly happen take a look at them.

Common Problems of the Kidega App (Kidega Not Working)

Getting Black/White or White Screen

This is the most common issue that most Kidega app users face. Usually, when you open the application the device got hangs and you see a black screen or a white and blank screen. This irritates because it happens for a few seconds and then the app closes automatically. Whenever you face such an issue, then try these ways to fix the problem. Here are some solutions for you:

  • This issue is for a short period usually for some seconds. So, if you get this issue then just press the left corner button of your mobile phone and then close the app. Clear the gadgets and then open again the app it will run normally.
  • If this trick doesn’t work then press your mobile phone’s power button for a long and then release it. Keep doing this process. Once the screen is turned on then the app will work normally.
  • You can switch to the third step when you find above all steps failed to work. Wait until your mobile phone’s battery gets low. Once it drains then it will be switched off automatically. Put it to charge and then open your mobile phone. The app will start working.
  • If none of the above steps are working then you have the last step to perform which is to uninstall the application. Uninstall it and then reinstall the application again. It will work definitely.

Loading error/ Connection error/ Server error

  • Sometimes the application won’t load or work properly. In such a situation you have to keep checking the following:
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Check if more users are using the application. It may work slow so, use it after a few times.

Login issues/ Account related issues

  • May the internet connection has failed to connect or maybe the server is down. Check it properly and try again later.
  • Check if your mobile or wifi connection is properly working.
  • Always put the right login credentials. Wrong information leads to login issues.

Installation issues

  • First of all, check your mobile storage. Does your mobile phone have the capacity or enough space for it? If not then make space by deleting unnecessary things from your phone and then installing it.
  • Check your wifi / Internet connection. Poor internet leads slowly to the working process.

Updating issues

  • Updates need enough storage space to download. If your mobile phone is running out of storage then this will block the updates. Make space for updates by removing things from mobile.  
  • Check your internet connection because updates can download through a strong internet connection.

Audio and video loading issue

  • Use headphones and check if you get clear audio through them then your mobile phone has a speaker problem. Fix it at the nearest mobile repair store.
  • Check the internet connection if videos are not loading.

Notifications issue

  • Open your application, go to the notification section and check do you have enables notifications or not. Keep your notifications enabled.

Try Kidega APK Latest Version

kidega APK


The amount has been deposited into the account but doesn’t have added to my balance.

 It may take time. It takes time to deposit your amount into your account. There is the following procedure which has to be done by the company which normally took 24/48 hours. But even after the amount is not credited to the account then contact the company.

How to withdraw money from a bank or PayPal?

Open your application and go to withdraw option. Once you get the option then generate a withdrawal request.

How to Verify the amount which has been withdrawn by the Kidega application but didn’t get into my PayPal account?

Open your valid PayPal account and check if any amount is credited, if not then open the Kidega application and check to withdrawal status if you found any issue there then contact the company.


Is Kidega Not working on Android devices? Most of the users ask such kinds of questions. Now you can get all the tips and tricks get from this article and solve your problem easily. Keep visiting our website APKresult for more updates.

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