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Are you looking for an NSFW game? then Shelter 69 Mod is a popular game around the world where players have to survive a nuclear blast by constructing bunkers. Here in this game players can expand the size of their bunkers and also at the same moment, players have to look for other survivors underneath. With other players all together you have to manage things and survive. After the blast, everything will be gone above the ground.

Players have to find new ways of living to survive because above the ground there will be nothing but ash. Apart from that, in these bunkers players can find gorgeous and attractive women with whom they can interact to get pleasure. The attraction of hot girls in the bunkers is another level of joy and excitement for a player.

What is Shelter 69 Mod?

This game is a part of an anime game and also it is among the top listed games. There are many reasons for being a top-listed game. It consists of high-display graphics, a user-friendly interface, multiple characters, a storyline, and much more to entertain players. Not only this, one can find this game attractive in other multiple ways.

Shelter 69 Mod is a game where players have to perform a variety of tasks from which they get interaction with beautiful women to get satisfied. To win a match, one has to perform all the tasks that are assigned to him.


This game comes with a variety of features for users. Although there are many features of this app some of which are as follows.

Constructing bunkers

To survive the nuclear attack, players have to construct bunkers where they can live for the rest of the time. Building the bunkers depends on players. Players have to create attractive bunkers with more facilities. Over time players can upgrade their bunkers and also increase their capacity according to survivors to make a standard living.

Expanding bunker capacity

With time you will find a new survivors shelter 69 Mod. Players can add these survivors to their bunkers but keep in mind that you have to manage the bunker properly. Adding a new survivor comes with great responsibilities like food and jobs for them. Before accepting a new player do check their profile and then make your decision.

Managing your building

After the addition of other survivors to your building, the first thing to do is to provide each new character a job that is related to their profile. In addition, add survivors with good profiles to enhance your performance in the game. Working in good places for a longer period will upgrade your survivor’s level and skills in Shelter 69 APK. Moreover, this will also help you with many other things.

Exploring new areas

Although players can make many items in their bunkers, not all items are available. In such cases, players have to explore the area around them to find valuable items to use them. Also, searching for items on the ground is an interesting job to do as you can find many new things in the surrounding areas. Also, always hope for a positive result while searching.

Interacting with hot girls

In Shelter 69 Mod, after you complete a story you will find an attractive and hot girl. This will not only make players excited but also boost their gaming performance. Every girl has a unique skill that will help a player during the challenges. Also, many new features will unlock like upgrades through which players can have fun more effectively. Getting a girl in the game is a boost to a player.

Bargaining items

There is another interesting feature in this game where players can exchange items with other players according to their needs. Also, you can steal from other players to get amazing rewards. Exchanging items is a great thing to do as you can get your desired item from other players.

How to download and install Shelter 69 Mod?

It is very easy to download this wonderful application on your smartphone. We will mention every step through which you can get this app. Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Firstly, click on the download APK button.
  • Wait for a few seconds till the download is complete.
  • Open the file and allow unknown sources from your device setting.
  • Lastly, click on the install button.
  • Your file is installed completely and is ready to use.


Shelter 69 Mod APK is an Android game to enjoy your free time. There are multiple features in this game through which you can experience great gameplay. Completing new tasks and unlocking different stories to get beautiful girls in the game. Download now to enjoy more interesting features of this amazing application.